A mother’s death

The Corran Herald.

In memory of Mrs Maria
Regan, Carnacreeva, Keash, who
died 2 May 1939, by her son Michael Francis Regan.


A Mother’s death

The summer sun was shining,
’Twas in the month of May,
The birds were singing merrily
When mother passed away.

She left her friends and neighbours
And the paths she often trod
And went for evermore
Unto almighty God

’Twas on a Tuesday evening
I’ll never forget that day
When I last gazed on her sweet face
That’s now in cold, cold clay

I watched beside her dying bed
Not knowing death was near
I left and took a last farewell
Of one I held so dear

Next morning came the telegram
Which brought the sad news to me
That mother had departed
And gone to eternity

When I received that awful news
I read it over and over
’Twas hard for me to realise
That mother was no more

’Twas sad but true, what could I do
But bear a heavy loss
’Twas on a feast day, the third of May
The finding of the cross

It was the greatest trial

On earth I could endure
But death can never be escaped
To meet it we are sure


She lived a good and holy life
She was resigned to die
To meet our blessed Lord
Upon his throne so high

I hope He will have mercy
On her immortal soul
And bring her eternal bliss
That truly-wished goal

She loved Our Blessed Lady
In life and death she came
And with her dying lips
Did often repeat that name

May Mary always plead for her
As in her month she died
And ask her loving son
The gates of Heaven to open wide

In Kilmorgan’s lonely churchyard
I know her body lies
I hope her soul is happy
In the land before the skies

Beside my father’s grave
She sleeps in sacred clay
Waiting for the trumpet call
Upon judgement day