Fr. Albert

Fr. Albert

Author unknown


Father Albert often told us

that since freedom blessed our race,

We ought all to come together

and repair our meeting place.


Father Albert was very insightful

Told of times when Mass was in secret

It was a gift to have a church

Regularly set out in his weekly parish leaflet.


What laid ahead for our church

In the years to come, few knew

He stressed we had a duty to our children

And to those that went before us, too.


So little by little we pinched and scraped

Held fundraising events whereever possible

All of this done

With the intention of somewhere to share the Gospel


At last the works began,

With local trades men carrying out the work

It took some time to bring about

Father Albert would say, with a smirk


And, when the church was repaired,

Fr. Albert held a thanksgiving mass to pray;

He preached from the Altar,

That this was a wonderful day.


His voice rang like a trumpet;

His eyes looked bright and young;

And it seemed a mighty power,

Was preaching from his wonderful tongue.


And he gave us all his blessing –

‘Twas parting words that day,

For soon we got the message

our dear Priest was being moved away .


But we thank him for his guidance

For all the work he did do,

For we’ve now got a church

To regularly attend mass too;


‘We thank the Holy Spirit,

for all his guidance lovingly imparted

We thank the people of the parish and

indeed our Priest now departed.


Those works will bring many blessings,

To all the many people involved,

The parish will have a church for generations,

For Spiritual needs to be resolved.


We no longer have a fulltime Priest

Whatsmore, numbers have fallen attending mass

We are left with a wonderful church

The windows having the most beautiful glass.


I am glad that we followed

The words of Father Albert when we did,

As otherwise there would be no parish church,

to pass today onto my Kid