Todays Gospel

Todays Gospel focused on Jesus’ first miracle – changing of water to wine. Certain scolars believe this to have been a family wedding (of Jesus and Mary). Some suggest that Mary had a role to play in organising the wedding and this is why she was urging Jesus to help her in this hour of need. Although Jesus remarked that his time had not yet come, he could not refuse his mother and done as she had requested.

Notwithstanding the bigger goal for which Jesus was sent into this world to fulfill, he could not say no to his mother in seeing her in this difficult worldly position and helped her with this worldly problem (notwithstanding that Jesus remarked that his time had not yet come); Marys difficulties that night being an example of a difficulty in life which any of us could encounter.

We are all children of God. Like where a son could not say no to his mother, God as our father; will not say no to us. Like Mary asking Jesus, we must also ask God to help. Like all parents, he God as our father will know what is best for us. It may not be what we understand as being best for us but like when a child grows to become an adult then realising and understanding the parents decision; we too on leaving this world will understand the reasoning for our father in heavens decisions.

Prayer is never lost. It may not be answered always as we expect it to be but the power of that prayer is not lost. It may simply be answered in a different way than what we would assume to be best in our worldly understanding.

First step however is to say a quiet prayer and ask…. (make a promise to God that if he can see his way to answering your request, that you will repay this blessing from him by doing something in return for God).

We live in a world where there is high levels of embarressment to be associated with God or his Church. We need to pray now harder than ever; that we will overcome this very difficult time and new seedlings sprout to inspire confidence within our church once again. We start by small steps of positivity within our own small parish communities. Speak with your local Parish Priest and see if there is a role that you could fulfill with your local church. You will receive many blessings on both yourself and your family for any such efforts made….