A thought for St. Patricks day

A Thought for St. Patrick’s Day

Have you ever stopped to ponder

At the wonder of His ways?

Prayers unanswered, will so often

Prove His love in later days.

Yet we humans pout and worry

Selfishly we ask our will ~

Thinking surely God’s ignoring

Plans we want Him to fulfill.

As you come into His presence,

Though it seems your prayer’s unheard;

Rest upon the Father’s goodness,

In His love, and in His Word.

Claim His promises, Know He’s able,

Seek His heart in all you do,

Dream big dreams, Asking His wisdom ~

You will find God’s love is true!


          • –Connie

“The Lord is good
unto them that wait
for Him, to the soul
that seeketh Him.”
(Lamentations 3:25 KJV)