Todays Gospel and reflection 13.4.2019

We are now beginning Holy week.

Maybe you feel that Lent came and indeed went by without you having done anything different. Maybe you feel bad because of this. If so, start again today.

From tomorrow until Easter Sunday, maybe you could make the best of each day. Maybe you could promise to read the Gospel each day and reflect on its words. There are many on line commentaries to assist you with your reflection. Maybe you could consider Confession or attending mass each day during this week. Visit Knock or walk to a Holy well or other religious site combining the physical and mental elements of prayer. Each person to themselves. All we ask is that you make a plan today for this week ahead, in whatever way you feel best (with God at the centre of this one week) trying to do something religious each day for Holy week.

We promise that if you make your plan and stick to it, it will generate a wonderful feeling Easter Sunday morning.

If you have children, please bring them to the Easter cermonies. This beautiful experience will remain with them forever.

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