The Scourging at the Pillar

In the build up to Easter, maybe you might click on the article attached below.

Sometimes we might be so used to hearing that Jesus died on the cross for us, that we in someway do not take in events around his death, properly and what pain he actually went through.

Maybe go to the prayer section of our website, focus on the face of Jesus and deal with the following questions.

In reading this article, put yourself into the shoes of Jesus. Imagine with each punishment inflicted, how you would feel. Imagine the love he had for each of us, in knowingly going through this to save us, preventing us enduring an unimaginable post death eternity.

Take a minute to think of why he was doing it.

Take a minute to think what would it be like after we leave this world, if he hadnt done it for us.

Take a minute to think what you will say to Jesus, when you meet him face to face. Can you today fully understand what he done for you.

Do you show thanks? Do you listen to his word? Do you attend mass regularly? Do you go to Confession? Do you live a good life?

Can you look at yourself in the mirror saying you are living a good life and that Jesus sees it as such.

Even stepping away from the eyes of Jesus; would your father or grandfather, mother or grandmother be proud of the way you live your live in the eyes on Jesus?

We can all improve. Are you willing to improve?

Can you accept that notwithstanding the present difficulties in the Church, that people have believed for over 2000 years in Christ Jesus?

There was evil in the world when Jesus lived amongst us.  There is evil in the world today. Forces of evil prowl each day. We need to pray to fend off such.

Some people dont know how to really pray and therefore cannot understand the benefits of prayer, which others speak about.  There are many different ways to pray and its important that people keep exercising different ways of prayer to find a way that they receive benefit from.

These are all matters for you to consider privately. There are religious people out there that are only too willing to listen and assist you in total confidence and secrecacy should you want someone to confide in. They will tease out ways to pray and like anything if you work on it in the rifht way, you will reap reward.

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