Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone.

Hope you all are having a wonderful and joyous morning. Hope the Easter bunny has arrived to all the Children.

A special thank you to everyone that helped out with the ceremonies for Easter.  Without your participation, the colour of the Easter Ceremonies disappears. You were all fantastic and thank you so much. Thank you to everyone that came out to the Easter Ceremonies in such healthy numbers. Thank you to everyone that marked Good Friday with the respect it deserves.

We celebrate this morning the gift of eternal life.

Please take a moment this morning to think of what Jesus did for us all. Think about what the gift of eternal life means to you. Think that Jesus gave you a gift that you will again meet the people you love so dearly, who have gone from this world. How special is this…

Think of what it would be like not to hold this gift of hope and believe and the sadness and weight to carry when a loved one leaves this world or when you yourself would in such circumstances be preparing to leave this world. Thank the Lord for the gift you hold in believing the promise of eternal life.

If you presently do not have this belief and hope, are you willing to open your heart to try and achieve this belief and hope. Are you willing to search for it? If you do not know where to begin, find a Priest or other member of religious life. Ask for help. There would only be joy in being given the chance to explore this opportunity with you.

Remember if you were the only person on Earth, Jesus would still have come to do what he did to save you and you alone. That’s how much he loves each and every one of us.

Think about what you will say to the Lord in thanks giving, the day that you ultimately meet with him.

We thank the Lord for this wonderful gift.

Have a lovely day. God bless you all…