Harvest it rich, labourers few…..

Today’s Gospel mentions:-

Many believe that we are alive at the beginning of a great resurgence in the Catholic Church. There is much to be done but with prayers to and the guidance of the Holy Spirit this can and will happen. It has happened before many times within the Catholic Church. The hope however is that our people do not have to encounter difficult times to achieve a closeness to God and a resurgence in our church. We need to prayer that this resurgence will arrive without the need for hard times for our people. Usually when life is difficult, people find it easier to achieve a closeness to God.
The resources needed for this harvest have already been prepared by the Holy Spirit. With the eyes of living faith we can see them being assembled

Todays Gospel reflects on the harvest being rich but the labourers, few. Reflect on those words for the day.

Pope St. Gregory the Great shared with honesty words which could certainly apply to our own time, “It is indeed regrettable that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. There is no shortage of people to hear the Good news. What is missing are people to spread it!”

We are all baptised into Christ, and enlisted to participate in the saving mission of His Church. However, in order to be able to engage such a missionary task, many Catholic Christians need to first be renewed in their own Baptismal faith through a personal and transformative encounter with the Risen Lord.

The Church is the Ark, the boat, presided over by the Lord. He is at the helm, steering His redemptive course through time and human history into eternity. As with the disciples, the Lord is calling workers for the New Evangelisation and the new missionary age. He is sending us all out into the field. He will work His saving and redemptive mission in and through us, because we are members of His Mystical Body, the Church.

The resources needed for this harvest have already been prepared by the Holy Spirit. With the eyes of living faith we can see them being assembled. For example, the lay ecclesial movements are flourishing, new and renewed religious communities are growing, new and renewed Colleges and Universities, desirous of being fully and faithfully Catholic, are flourishing; all pointing to the work of the Holy Spirit awakening the Church.

The empowerment, training and recruitment of the lay members of the Church is at the center of the Holy Spirit’s plan for this new missionary age. This is not to over ride the role of religious within the Church but to support them. If you do nothing more, simply pray each day for our religious and indeed for more people in our Country to turn towards a religious life, which in itself is a very important step in the right direction.