Without cost you have received, without cost you shall give….

Today’s Gospel contains the following phrase:-

Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give. Matthew 10:8b

“Without cost you are to give.” This tells us that we are to offer the Gospel to others free of charge. The Gospel means to do good. What’s the justification for giving everything of ourselves freely? The justification is that we have received everything “without cost.”

The Gospel is a person, Jesus Christ. When He comes and lives in us freely, we must then become a total and free gift to others.

Reflect, today, on on everything good which is free in your life. Examples are Friendship, family, health but most importantly your faith. Exercise your mind for the good in your life and in particular for things things free but so so important in life. Consider what it would feel like not to have those free gifts in your life i.e no friends, no family, no faith, poor health.

Each one of us will have crosses to carry (some heavier crosses than others) and someday we will realise the reason for the need to have carried that cross. For today however, that cross must be carried and we offer up the carrying of that cross as a prayer for some purpose or need. We must still realise the good that’s in our lives. There is always good. When some one dies close to us, that is a heavy cross to carry. That said, our family and friends support us freely. Even at times like that when our cross is so so heavy, good is freely working in our lives attempting to help us carry that cross. There are always people around us wanting to help to carry that cross, if we will only allow them to do so.

When we receive freely, we must give freely. Consider what you give freely to your family, friends, church! Can you do more? By doing so, that is Jesus working within you. Your church needs you more now than ever. Think of ways to give yourself more to your local Church. Remember, what you give, you will receive many many times over….


Lord, may my heart be open to You in a total way so that I may receive You as the Living Gospel. As I receive You, may I in turn give You to others in my very person. Jesus, I trust in You.