Today’s Gospel 14th July 2019

Today’s Gospel

You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”  Luke 10:27

Who said being a good Christian is easy? We all sin and if we truely reflect on our lives we will identify sin. Hopefully venial and not mortal. What God asks is that we reflect and see where we are going wrong, truely say sorry and promise to do better. Going to mass weekly can help address venial sin but mortal and venial sin should be addressed regularly in confession. When assessing Mortal sin, it’s very easy without regular prayer asking not to be tempted (The “Our Father” – ” lead us not into temptation” as an example) that we can go off track. Who knows when our lives will end. Who knows what could happen tomorrow. Who knows when we will have to look into the eyes of God explaining what we done down here on earth. It will not be an excuse to have closed our eyes to what Mortal Sin consisted of.  It will not be an excuse to have being lazy or indeed made up our own rules, subjectively approving what we do (no matter who we are). Talking about sin is not the popular outlook, it’s not what people want to hear and it’s frightening. Put confession back in your lives. Go with it. You may not feel comfortable with it but try and find a setting to make it more comfortable to you. Maybe not your local church for example. Consider options. Confession is a gift, please use it. We simply do not know the time or the hour when our opportunities down here to put things right will have come to an end. Confession cleans the slate by bringing your soul back to its cleanest state, ie reflecting it’s state, the moment you were born.

What is good is that God is truely all forgiving. He understands that we are sinners. All he asks is that when we go wrong, that we reflect, go to confession and truely promise to do better. There is nothing to say that we won’t repeat our wrong but we must keep striving to do better. This is what God asks for. Good hearts continuously trying to better themselves……

Today’s Gospel story of the Good Samaritan is one that should wake us up to some not-so-pleasant truths about love of neighbor, or the lack thereof.  First, a priest and a Levite walked by the beaten and suffering man on the side of the road and ignored him, passing on the opposite side of the road.  Then the Samaritan walked by, was filled with compassion, and went out of his way to help the man.

It’s interesting that Jesus used a priest in the story as the first person to walk on the opposite side of the road.  One thing this tells us is that too often we seek a so-called “exterior holiness” while, in truth, we lack authentic “interior holiness.”  The priest can be seen as a symbol of those who claim to be Christian on the surface but fail to live their holiness in their actions.  Without living true love of neighbor, we are frauds and do not live up to our sacred calling.

Reflect, today, upon the difference between exterior and interior holiness.  The ideal is that your inner life is so completely consumed by the love of God that it overflows into your exterior actions.  If your love of God is not fully alive within the depths of your heart, there is no way that you can, in fact, be truly holy.

Lord, help me to authentically love You with my whole heart, mind, soul and strength.  Help me to have such an honest love for You that it also overflows into my love for others.  May Your precious gift of holiness permeate my life and enable me to love You and others in a total way.  Jesus, I trust in You.