Today’s Gospel – St. Martha 29.7.2019

Today is the feast day of St. Martha. The Gospel today focuses on her.

As we honor St. Martha, today, we should acknowledge the fact that most of us are probably much more like her than Mary.

Martha was deeply loved by Jesus. This is evident even in the small detail of Jesus saying her name twice. “Martha, Martha…”

Sure, there was much to be done. There was a dinner to prepare and guests to feed; Jesus being the most important guest. But Jesus cuts through all the normal parts of hospitality and focuses in on the most important part. He focuses in on love. He honors Mary for kneeling before Him and encourages Martha to do the same.

Perhaps there are many times during our busy days that this invitation from Jesus should be listened to. There are many times when we simply need to stop and listen, be present and adore.

Reflect, today, upon your daily prayer life. Do you take time to stop everything else and be still in the presence of our divine Lord? Doing this will do more for your life and the lives of others than if you worked non-stop.

Explore new ways to pray. Sometimes sitting before the blessed sacrament or a Holy Statue repeating some very simple prayer “My Lord and my God”, “Jesus have mercy” etc can help us connect with the Lord and quietly in our minds tell him our needs and listen to him talk to us in our hearts. Sometimes focusing on God quietly when out walking the fields can help bring on this beautiful experience.

To people that do not believe, this all sounds ridiculous, but only by opening our hearts and trying new ways of prayer, will we truely receive this most wonderful gift from God. The people that achieve this connection with the Lord want more… They are not mad but actually experiencing something so special, something that many in media circles and indeed other sectors of society today cannot comprehend or understand because no scientist or mathematical equation can explain.

Lord, help me to seek Your still silent presence. Help me to surrender over my anxiety and worry. Jesus, bathe me in Your grace and help me refocus each and every day on You. Jesus, I love You. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.