Defibrillators in the area.

There are 8 public access defibrillators in the Keash/Culfadda area outside the following locations:
1. Higgins Lounge, Culfadda (box unlocked)
2. Sean Gallagher’s House, Culfadda/Gurteen road (box unlocked)
3. Jason Higgins House, Ballymote/Culfadda road (box unlocked)
4. Pat Walsh’s House, Ballymote/Gurteen road (box unlocked)
5. Anne Higgins House, Boyle/Culfadda road (box unlocked)
6. Dermot Casey’s House, Keash/Ballymote road (box unlocked)
7. Ward’s shop, Keash (key code to open the box 12345)
8. Mac’s Pub, Keash (box unlocked)
The group have purchased a 9th defibrillator which will be installed locally in the coming weeks.