Reopening of Keash Church

Keash Church was reopened this morning 15/12/2019, following the placing of a new roof on it. Thank God for the blessing of our Churches in Keash and Culfadda and the fact that we have a resident Parish Priest for our parish. None of this is taken for granted by the people of Keash and Culfadda in the times that we live. Thank you to the Builders and Engineers involved in the works to Keash Church, for all their diligent work. Thank you to those that cleaned the Church in advance of its reopening, those that put up the beautiful crib, the fundraising committee and all that have supported these works financially or otherwise. We thank all our Parish committee’s. We have a wonderful community to be very proud of. We pray for God’s continued blessing upon our parish. It was very appropriate that the first mass back in our Church was for John Brehony, Tonraponra and all his family; bearing in mind all John done for our Parish in his time here with us and in particular his active involvement with Keash Bazaar (which will take place tonight). We think and pray for John and all those now gone, who worked and paid towards having Churches, Schools, Football Clubs, Playgrounds, Parish Halls, Water Schemes and so on (to mention a few). None of this is possible without God and we thank him this day for the People of this parish who give themselves relentlessly towards these projects in bringing them to fruition.