Priest’s collection for Christmas

The Christmas collection for the support of our priest will be taken up over the Christmas period. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated.

The priest is paid his salary from four collections (purple envelope) that take place during the year; Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Harvest.

In order for a Parish to maintain a full time Parish Priest, the diocese expects the Parish to meet certain expectations. One of these is that the Parish is able to meet a certain basic level of salary for its priest.

There are good people in our Parish that leave alot of value in retaining a Parish Priest and contribute regularly. However, the priest’s salary needs to improve. It has fallen significantly over the last number of years.

A special envelope is available in the offertory box for this purpose. Alternatively, an envelope for this purpose is available in the porch or indeed use your own envelope and mark “priest’s salary”.

In order to maintain an identity, it is important that our Parish in a time of “rural decline” see’s  these issues for what they are and talk as a community as to how best to address. When we look  around ourselves, we are very fortunate to have a full time, resident priest within our parish and we pray that this will continue for as long as possible….