Happy New Year!!!!!

We pray God’s blessing upon our Parish and the people within it, for the new year ahead.

Thank you Lord for those that look after our children and educate them.

Thank you Lord for those that make life a better place for the elderly of our community.

Thank you Lord for our new roof on Keash church.

Thank you Lord for our new clubhouse and the continued presence of our community playground.

Thank you Lord for the grant facilities provides for our community hall in Culfadda.

Thank you Lord for the good weather allowing Garland Sunday to have been a success and the many other prayers you answered for our people over the past 12 months.

We do not know what lies ahead for any of us over the next 12 months but we pray that the Lord continues to guide us in making our community and parish a better place.

Thank you to everyone that gave their time and effort free of charge over the past 12 months for the betterment of our parish.

For the new year, is there anyone close to you that you could guide in our direction to assist with the running of our parish? We really need to find a way to reach out to our youth, getting their opinions about what works for them and what does not. We need to understand their views and see is there common ground that can be built upon. Our Parish has no future without the involvement of our youth. You can play a part in building this bridge. Please look around you and in honouring the Lord, try and build that bridge in inviting our youth back to our Church or where they already attend to ask them to be a bigger part.