Month of May – Our Lady

We are now entering the Month of May (believe it or not!!!!).

This is a very special Month whereby we honour our Mother, the blessed virgin Mary.

Last year within our parish, we honoured our Lady by having pilgrimage walks from the Grotto at Keash Church to Kilgstone Holy Well.

We are obviously restricted this year in honouring our Lady in the same way as we did last year.

Some thoughts on how we could honour our Lady this year:-

1. Make your own home shrine to Our Lady, with some flowers, decorations around a Statue of our Lady

2. Visit one or more of the outdoor Statues to our Lady within our Parish ie The Grotto in Keash, the Statue of our Lady outside Culfadda Church, the Statue of our Lady at Kingstone Holy Well. It would be a nice thought to present some flowers (wild or otherwise); leaving such around one or more of these Statues in a tidy and secure manner.

3. It is important to say a prayer to our Lady when visiting these Holy locations and to place your petitions before our Holy mother.

4. Maybe commit to saying the Rosary as a family on a regular basis for the Month of May.

Please continue to  remember the people of our Parish and all associated with our Parish in your prayers.