Proposal by Fr. Gabriel for further essential works to the Church in Keash….

Proposal presented at meeting on Wednesday last August 5th at 8.00pm 2020
For Heating, Lighting, Electrical & Associated works
For St Kevin’s Church Keash. Presented by Fr Gabriel.


“I welcome each and everyone of you here this evening as we gather to attend to the heating, lighting, electrical and associated works of our Church at this moment in time.
Last September we began with replacing the roof on this Church, the works began on September 8th and were completed on December 15th, the cost of the works came in under budget at €97,356.00c. I wish to thank the engineer David O’ Hara for his ongoing assistance and to the builder John Doohan.
We began the works on the roof with the hope that someday we would attend to the works that are being proposed tonight.
We are here tonight because of the generous contributions that you have made to the Roof fund, your extra offertory contributions and the monies that Keash Parish has received from the Charitable donation scheme. So I want to thank you for your generosity.
At present we have approximately €67,000 in our Parish account, we have this money in our account because during the Lockdown the parish received €19,800 from the Albert Gubay foundation which was the result of an application that we submitted for the new roof and again I want to thank our engineer David O’ Hara, the Parish Finance Council, Pastoral Council and William Henry for their help and assistance in attending to all aspects of the application which was on ongoing for the past year.
Also during the lockdown the people of the parish responded to renewing their CHY 3 forms for the Tax Donation scheme and for 2018 we received €11,947.15c. For 2019 so far we have received some €7,604 we possibly will receive more before the end of the year.
I mention all this to you because we do have a loan of €55,000 which is interest free, an agreement that I made with the diocese.
At this moment in time we could return this loan to the diocese and the parish would have no dept.
I have reflected long and hard about this and I do feel that we should firstly attend to the basic essentials of Heating, Lights and Electrical works in this church first.
At first glance it is clear that all of these works dovetail into each other, we cannot paint without replacing the lighting, we cannot replace the lights without repairing the holes in the ceiling, if we attend to the wiring the heating works would need to happen at the same time.
So this is what I propose to do and this is how I propose it should be carried out.
I wanted local tradesmen to carry out these works so I asked them.
Now I do realize that I did not look for three tenders because for one to do that, we would have to employ Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and I did not want that expense.
I asked David McDermott to give me a quotation to put in an oil central heating system something like what is in Culfadda Church as it is the only tried and tested type of Heating that is suitable for a building such as this church, I did explore air to water like I have in the Parochial House and infra red Electrical heating and I was advised that if you put in oil the church will be heated in one hour, it will be good for the building and no one will ever mention the heating as it won’t be an issue, other heating systems were tried in churches, some work well, but Oil Central Heating is the most tried and tested.
David came back with a quote for €23,000.
In order for the Radiators to be installed we would have to adjust the seats and Kneelers on both sides by a few inches and in doing so we would have a wider aisle and this I feel would enhance the Church. I asked Ian McDermott to carry out these works and his price is €4,322.
I asked David Connelly to give me a quotation on all the Electrical works, which today in a public building being up graded needs Emergency lights, Fire alarms and the necessary rewiring as the wiring is suspect in this building and needs to be attended too.
David came back with a quote for €22,676.
Some years ago we put in new lighting in Culfadda Church, so I asked that Church Lighting company to design a light similar but in L.E.D and they said they could do something similar, I also asked Clifford Electrical for a price for lighting and they came back with a price of €4,428.
I asked Bernard and John Dwyer to assist in the Building works that may need attention and they will give whatever assistance is needed, also I asked George Garvey and Sean Brehony to Plaster/skim the ceiling and the other areas that need attention after the works is over so I will allow a PC sum for building works and plastering of approximately €5,000.
Patrick Henry and a team of people who are willing to help with covering the carpet and putting everything in the Church away safely has said he will spear head this part of the preparation and will cover the cost of the plastic etc.
Bernard C Dwyer met with me here on Saturday last and he is going to take care of the Scaffolding, insurance of the scaffolding etc.
All of these works come to around €60.000 and instead of paying back the diocese at this time, I believe we should carry out these essential works because they are essential works. The loan can then be repaid in the next year or so as I feel we could manage this.
I met with the Finance Council on Monday night and they do have their concerns about the future and how often the church may be used, I believe this is a wider conversation and as your parish priest I want to say the Church is in use today, the people of this parish are supporting it, this is our Church, I do want to see it looked after, I do want to see that whatever money is spent has an good foundation so that further cosmetic works can happen.
I believe that people want this church looked after. I believe that the people deserve that the basic essentials of Heating and Lighting need to be attended too. It is the decision of the people.
The people of this parish love this church, it is the oldest Church in our diocese, if these works are not carried out what is the alternative? Is the building going to be allowed to further deteriorate? And who is going to take responsibility for that decision?
I know that, they will respond generously, even since last Sunday people have came to my house with donations and a total of €1,050 has been given, I told them this may not happen and I will give you back this money. They said it will, it has to be done and you have a golden opportunity.
I do want this church to be beautiful, it’s hard to believe in the warmth and the love of God if you are frozen to bits in the seats on a winter’s night.
I know that some may want this done differently, and some do not want it done at all, but when all is said and done I make this proposal this evening, for I want to do the best for our church. These professional tradesmen are your own good men who will carry out good work on this Chapel and if any more would like to join them they are more than welcome. We need everybody’s help. Thank you.”

On the basis of the above proposal relating to essential works with an approximate cost of €60,000; thirty two people attended, a private ballot was held 29 voted yes and 3 voted no. Everyone is thanked for their attendance.