The important part of “the donkey” in Jesus’s life

Ponder for a moment on all the times the donkey is referred to in the Gospel. Can you think of them all?

The Donkey plays an Important part in events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Why did Jesus not pick a big strong handsome horse? Why choose a humble donkey. Alot to ponder on. What message is Jesus delivering to us?

Why have donkeys a cross upon their back? Much to reflect upon at this special time of Christmas

The donkey is mentioned numerous times in the Bible and had a key role in the life of Jesus.

On Palm Sunday a donkey was chosen by Jesus to be his ride into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11).

The fact that Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem fulfilled a prophecy spoken 500 years before that the Messiah would ride a donkey into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:5 and Zechariah 9:9)

It is known by Christians that a donkey carried Mary to Bethlehem prior to the birth of Jesus.

The same donkey carried Mary and the baby Jesus on their flight into Egypt to escape the wrath of King Herod when he ordered the slaughter of the Innocents.

Some 33 years later, a donkey once again was chosen for a special mission.

It is said that Jesus was solemnly entering Jerusalem on palm Sunday, as a humble King of peace. Traditionally, entering the city on a donkey symbolises arrival in peace, rather than as a war-waging king arriving on a horse.

The next time you see a donkey, reflect on its close association with Jesus…