Allchurches Trust funding

Thank you, from Keash Parish to Allchurches Trust Limited.

Keash Parish receives funding from Allchurches Trust Limited.

When we began the second phase of the renovation of St Kevin’s Church Keash which is ongoing to address the Heating, Lighting, Electrical and Associated Works; we applied to Allchurches Trust Limited to see if they would be able to help with funding.

Allchurches Trust’s vision is to be one of the UK’s most impactful grant giving charities.

They support the repair, restoration, protection and improvement of church buildings, cathedrals and other places of Christian worship, especially where those changes support wider community use.

Since they were founded in 1972, they have given more than £180 million in grants. Their primary charitable object is to promote the Christian religion. They only fund projects in the UK and Ireland, and they provide additional funding to Christian charities and churches working with the most disadvantaged.                                                                                                          Allchurches Trust Grant for St Kevin’s Church, Keash ;  ‘I am pleased to tell you that our Trustees have considered your application to Allchurches Trust and have awarded you a grant of £4,000.00. We receive some 1,200 requests a year for grants towards projects with total costs of up to £1,000,000 and we like to be able to give something to almost all of them, turning hardly anyone away.  This does mean that many of our grants are relatively small. We hope nonetheless, that your Allchurches Trust grant proves beneficial. Allchurches Trust is one of the UK’s largest grant-making trusts. In 2019 we gave more than £17 million to churches, charities and communities all over the UK and Ireland. Our Funds come from our ownership of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG)’.

I would like to thank the people of the parish who have to date contributed €19,067 in donations and Bernard C Dwyer who provided the Scaffolding and insurance to the value of approximately €12,000.  I would like to thank all those who helped in preparing all aspects of the application, our engineer David O Hara, the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils. Moreover , I also  would like to thank all who assisted me from St Patrick’s College Maynooth especially Ceire Sadier, Grants Officer from the Finance and General Purposes Council, Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Keash Church Renovation Fund for Heating, Lighting, Electrical & associated works.

Total received to date €23,478

We wish to acknowledge having received from the Allchurches Trust Limited £4,000 which comes to €4,411 towards Keash Church Renovation Fund.