Continuous Rosary

Continuous Rosary in Ireland for Peace and Charity

Beginning Ash Wednesday, 17th February 2021


  • The idea is simple. A continuous Rosary will be offered up every minute of every day for PEACE and CHARITY in Ireland.
  • There needs to be a minimum of 2 parishioners per parish, one with surname beginning A-L and one with surname M-Z, who will pray the Rosary, at a set time, twelve times per year. It is however hoped that many families from each parish will be involved.
  • Every Parish in Ireland has a date and time allocated, the same for every year.
  • For your allocated date and time please click below on your diocese and then your parish.
  • It would be appreciated if you could get family and friends overseas involved.
  • For those of you who may like to pray the Rosary every day, and promote it to others, please visit an initiative under the spiritual leadership of Archbishop Eamon Martin, Primate of All Ireland.




1st of every month

January, February, March

09:00 – 09:18 – surname A-L

09:18 – 09:36 – surname M-Z


April, May, June

15:00 – 15:18 – surname A- L

15:18 – 15:36 – surname M-Z


July, August, September

21:00 – 21:18 – surname A- L

21:18 – 21:36 – surname M-Z


October, November, December

03:00 – 03:18 – surname A – L

03:18 – 03:36 – surname M – Z


Contact us at admin@continuousrosary