Preparing for Holy Week (from Fr. Gabriel)

From Fr. Gabriel, in preparation for Holy Week…..

Holy Week. (preparing at home)

As we begin Holy Week, in order to make it more meaningful and to be more involved, I invite you to come to the Church in Culfadda, the side door is always open and collect your Palm Branches, they are blessed and take them home with you, also when you come to the Church, please collect the booklet for the Easter Triduum which will be left beside the palm so that as you tune into Mass online you will be able to follow the ceremonies.

On Holy Thursday Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper is the beginning of the Triduum, please gather with the children as a family if possible, at to join in the Mass online.

For Good Friday tune in at 3pm and have a cross at hand for veneration at the same we do it at the ceremony, the little cross on a rosary beads can be used.

On Holy Saturday night for the Easter Vigil at and for Easter Sunday have a candle and Holy Water ready and keep the Candle lighting during Mass. We can renew our Baptismal promises together.
It would be good to come together as a family for the ceremonies, especially for the children who God willing will be receiving the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

This is a very special Week for all of us as we pray and reflect on the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.
Also resources can be found on

We ask God’s blessing on all who are helping to bring the ceremonies live to your homes and please do remember that we can always use a battery-operated candle especially where children and elderly are, most of all we exercise vigilance in remembering to extinguish candles.

May this be a blessed time for everyone.