Keash Church Renovation update

Update on renovations to St Kevin’s Church Keash.

Last September we began the renovation on the internal works in St Kevin’s Church Keash and as we are all aware Covid 19 restrictions prohibited work for a number of those months, especially since January until recently.

We were so blessed on September 7th 2020 Bernard C Dwyer (PHD Scaffolding Group) erected the Scaffolding inside the Church so that work could begin on the ceiling. This gift of Scaffolding from Bernard C Dwyer has saved the parish approximately €12,000 and we will be eternally grateful to him and his family for enabling us to carry out this work on what is now the oldest Church in its original form in our diocese, dating back to 1809.                On Wednesday and Thursday June 2nd & 3rd the Scaffolding was taken down by a team of Scaffolders that came from London and Sligo, along with John Dwyer, it was really amazing to watch all the Scaffolding being prepared for departure, so skilfully and meticulously placed and secured safely for the Lorry that came on Friday morning to take it back to England, all was overseen by Bernard C Dwyer on Friday morning, we certainly did get the Rolls Royce of Scaffolding, something we will not ever forget. I take this opportunity to once again thank Bernard C Dwyer and his family for all his help and assistance to date and with God’s help we will look forward to a day when the Chapel is completed.

When the Scaffolding was erected, great use was made of it, the electrician and his team began rewiring the Church, taking down the old lights, and running wires for lights, sockets and fire alarms etc. The wiring now is partly completed and the new lights will be hung after the Scaffolding comes down. The new lights will be hung in such a way as they can be released on a chain for servicing etc at future times as the need arises for maintenance.

When the old lighting was taken down the ceiling then needed to be repaired, plastered and painted. For this work to be carried out we had to take down the statue of the risen Lord over the Altar and just last week this was hung over the Tabernacle area.

The leak that appears to be coming from the gable window over the main door has also been attended too, this required to cover the sill on the outside with lead and hopefully this will work.

During the meeting we had about the renovations it was mentioned to insulate the ceiling, this was also carried out,  as a walkway and lighting was put in place in the attic so that the insulation could be fitted safely.

In addition, on ground level the sacristy was insulated with plaster board and currently it is being plastered along with the areas where the old heaters were in the Church.

The Co. Council also have laid a new culvert for the river that flows down by the Church and when this work was taking place the ducting to put the ESB wires was laid and please God soon the wires will be put underground.

It is now that we are able to proceed with the plumbing and heating works and complete the electrical work.

I would like to thank the Tradesmen who have worked on the Church to date, everyone who has made donations and most of all for all your good will and patience. The work to date is wonderful and the ceiling is absolutely beautiful, and we ask God’s continued blessing on the Tradesmen who have to complete their work.

Also, we have to be mindful in the interests of safety that the Church is a Building site and no unauthorised persons are allowed to enter. I do ask people to be as generous as you can be, as we want the church to be a fitting place for worship when it is completed. May God who has begun this good work bring it to completion. Amen.