Prayer for those sitting the leaving cert

Prayer at Exam Time

Leaving-Cert-PrayerEver loving and eternal God be with me as I prepare to sit my examinations.

Give me peace of mind and quietness of heart so that I may approach each exam with confidence and trust.

Open my heart to believe that with you all things are possible

and because you have created me I am worth much more than all the exams in the world.

Teach me Lord that there will be many opportunities for using my gifts and talents in the future.

Bless that future and be with me, my family and my friends especially when the road is difficult,

and when all is going well may I give thanks for your care and love through Jesus Christ our Lord. 



We are thinking and praying for you. Good luck. Before you were born, God already had his plan for you. “Ask and you shall receive”. Ask God in the form of the Holy Spirit to guide you through your exams.

Before you turn over your paper, close your eyes; asking the Holy Spirit for its guidance and help. Believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit that the paper will suit you and then turn it over.

Also never forget to prayer to your Guardian Angel for help