Merry Christmas


Thank you to everyone that has helped out over Christmas or indeed throughout the year. You know who you each are. God’s blessings will be upon you and your families for all you do, however big or small.

Please remember people living alone near you. A small act may play a very big part in their Christmas.

We think of those who have passed away and in particular those that have passed away over the past 12 months. We think in particular of those left behind grieving them. We pray for those people at this time.

We pray for our forgotten dead of our Parish, in need of prayer.

We ask the Lord to continue in keeping us safe from the Coronavirus and that over the next year, this difficult time shall pass.

We pray for our religious. We pray for new Priests and Religious. We pray for the leaders of our Church that they shall bring about positive change, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We pray for our Teachers and Children to keep them safe.

In a rural community, we pray for our farmers and their animals.

We pray for those people not living amongst us any longer but who hold our Parish close to their hearts. We extend our Christmas greeting to them and pray God’s blessing upon them and their families.

We pray that God keeps us safe over Christmas in particular.

We thank the Lord for everything that he does for us.

God bless you all……