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Baptisms usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday, within our parish.

Our Parish can accommodate other times for Baptism.

A form needs to be completed, a draft copy of which will be attached to this website and can be printed off for completion.  This form once completed should be handed into the Parish Priest and a time and date for the baptism will be finalised.

The Form requires the following details:-

– Baby’s Surname

– Baby’s Christian name(s)

– Date of Birth

– Fathers name

– Mothers name (Maiden name)

– Parents address

– parents contact details (to include phone number)

– Godparents name and address

– Name of officiating Priest

  • Usually there are two Godparents (one male, one female)
  • To be a Godparent – A person must not be less than 16 years of age and be a Catholic who has been confirmed and has received the blessed Eucharist, a person who lives a life of faith which befits the role to be undertaken (Canon 874)

A Data Protection Consent Form must be signed by Parents on the day of the Christening, consenting to retention of Personal Data of all associated with the Baptism.

All concerned agree and allow to publication of their names in parish newsletters/parish notes; congratulating on the event of Baptism.



Confessions are available before mass on the First Friday of each month and on request.  Furthermore a visiting Priest is always available on a specified date before Christmas and Easter.




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At least 3 months notice is necessary but many arrange a date a year or more in advance by booking the church etc.

Please arrange to meet the Parish Priest as soon as possible.

When it comes to completing your marriage papers, the Priest will advise on the requirements and relevant information necessary, such as  provision of your Baptismal cert, details of witnesses and so on.

The Parish Priest will help prepare the ceremony ie  pick Readings etc.

If for any reason the couple would like to utilise the Parish Church but have a family Friend/Relative a Priest, whom they would like to officiate; then please liaise with the Parish Priest as soon as possible to agree accordingly.

Where additional Candles or other items (not belonging to the Church) are being brought into the Church for a Wedding, please agree in advance with the Parish Priests.  Where Musicians/Singers are performing at the Mass, please also discuss such with the Parish Priest in advance.

It is a nice practice for both Bride and Groom to have confession a day or two before their wedding ceremony.

Please appoint someone in consultation with the Parish Priest to clean up the church after the Marriage ceremony.




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This is obviously a most difficult time for all concerned.

The Parish Priest has an important role in attempting to provide support to the Family and Friends of the Deceased at this difficult time.

The Parish Priest will help  (where requested) to pick Readings for the Funeral Mass

Where additional Candles or other items (not belonging to the Church) are being brought into the Church for the Funeral Mass, please agree in advance with the Parish Priest.  Where Musicians/Singers are performing at the Mass, please discuss also with the Parish Priest in advance.



Please contact the Parish Priest to organise.  Masses are always booked in person or by phone.




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Where a request is made to search Parish Achieves for a deceased relative, please afford some time for this search to take place.

To assist our Parish in doing this Search for you, could you:-

  1. Forward the request by post to the Parish Priest
  2. Forward a self addressed envelope, duly stamped
  3. Forward details of the deceased ie any relevant dates/addresses
  4. Forward details of the Deceased’s relationship to you
  5. Forward your details
  6. Forward a phone number (very important)
  7. Forward any additional information

* Again please note that these searches take time.

  • People regularly enquire as to cost.  Our Parish does not impose a charge/cost but any donations received are greatly appreciated.