Talk to the Lord in the quietness of your heart

Spend 5 to 10 minutes observing this image of the Lord.

Think about the day you leave this world for the next. Think about what you will think, when the Lord approaches you with his hands out wide welcoming you, with a warm smile on his face.

Think of how he is coming to you alone (out of all the people) welcoming you. Think of how you will feel to receive such warm welcome. In reflecting on your life and indeed more importantly reflecting on what Jesus did to ensure you reached heaven; will you feel worthy to walk through the gates of heaven, to accept your eternal reward.

Will you have regret about anything you done on earth. Will you have regret that you did not repent through the sacrament of confession. Imagine if the Lord does not stop you coming through that gate (and is in fact inviting you in) but that you yourself in reflecting on your life feel that you have not been a worthy servant to enter through the gates of heaven and that you yourself feel that you need to spend time in purgatory.  Could you have done something more while here on earth??

Do you think there is anything different you could do today? Is there anyone you need to say sorry to? Is there anyone you need forgive (not 7 times, but 77 times – as per the Gospel today).

None of us know when that day, the day that the Lord approaches (as in this image) with his arms out in welcome; will arrive. It could be today or tomorrow.

We are in someway spec’s of dust in the grand scheme of things. We are very vulnerable. We do not understand the workings of our body and when our time will arrive to leave this world.

Talk to the Lord through this image and tell him what’s on your mind. Ask his help and forgiveness.

Do not blame the Lord if your prayer requests do not seem to be answered. Be mindful that our worldly minds only understand so much. The day we die, we will truly understand why things play out in the way they do. Trust in the Lord, that he knows best….


Oh Sacret Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you….