Christmas Cards and Calendars going on sale

Personalised Parish Christmas Cards and Calendars going on sale in Culfadda Church next weekend

Defibrillators in the area.

There are 8 public access defibrillators in the Keash/Culfadda area outside the following locations:
1. Higgins Lounge, Culfadda (box unlocked)
2. Sean Gallagher’s House, Culfadda/Gurteen road (box unlocked)
3. Jason Higgins House, Ballymote/Culfadda road (box unlocked)
4. Pat Walsh’s House, Ballymote/Gurteen road (box unlocked)
5. Anne Higgins House, Boyle/Culfadda road (box unlocked)
6. Dermot Casey’s House, Keash/Ballymote road (box unlocked)
7. Ward’s shop, Keash (key code to open the box 12345)
8. Mac’s Pub, Keash (box unlocked)
The group have purchased a 9th defibrillator which will be installed locally in the coming weeks.

A Prayer for our Parish and it’s spiritual nourishment

Part 1

O Jesus, send labourers into your fields,

which are awaiting Holy Apostles,

saintly Priests, heroic missionaries and

dedicated sisters and brothers.

Enkindle in the hearts of men and women the spark of a vocation.

Grant that Christian families may

desire to give your Church, helpers in the work of tomorrow.

Part 2

We pray for young people to assist and support the religious of our Parish in the daily needs of our Church. We pray for our young people to see a need to take  part in different ministeries of our Church, for example readers, ministers of the Eucharist, maintaining places of worship etc.

We pray that the young people will meet together and develop new ways of reverently honouring God within our Parish.  We pray that they will see the need for a vibrant and healthy Church within our Parish. We pray that many  blessings will be bestowed upon them for doing so.

We pray that their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will guide them in doing so.

We pray that St. Anthony will help those within our parish who have lost their faith, to find it.

Thank you Father for our Parish Priest Fr. Murphy, the previous Priests of our Parish, living and dead and in particular Fr. Finan.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will direct and assist Fr. Murphy in continuing to guide the people of our Parish, spiritually.

We thank you Father for the blessing of regular masses in our Parish churches, in particular on Saturday evenings and Sunday. We prayer that this blessing of celebrating the Eucharist (Mass) regularly within our Parish, together with the opportunity to experience the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) within our parish will live on within our Parish to infinity.

We pray for all the Priests, Nuns and other religious who left our parish to help nourish our faith elsewhere.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will help the good people of our Parish understand the value of nurturing our faith, maintaining places of worship and developing new initiatives and ideas to help hand down our faith to the next generations.

Finally, we pray that the Holy Spirit will direct our Holy Father and those that make the decisions in appointing a new Bishop to our Diocese. We pray that the right man will be chosen at this most important of times. We pray for a man that will engage with the different Parishes on a regular basis, helping our Parishes to work together in bringing  a new spiritual life to our Parishes.

We ask all of this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


If you are praying for someone to return to a life of prayer and to our Church; maybe consider asking St. Monica to intercede on your behalf.  Please see the article in our news section (of this our website), to read about St. Monica…….



Dear Saint Anthony, bless and protect my family; keep it united in love, sustain it in its everyday needs, and keep it safe from evil.
Bless me and my husband (my wife): help us to live with dignity through the fruits of our work so that we may have the opportunity to raise and educate the children that the Lord has given us. Bless our children: keep them healthy and eager for goodness, help them to study and do not allow them to lose their faith and their purity in the midst of the many occasions of evil in everyday life.
Help us to understand our children and to guide them through our words and our example so that they may always aspire to the most noble ideals of life and be able to implement their human and Christian vocation. Amen.


From 12 years to 18 years or 18 years and up – contact Knock Counselling Centre for information – 094 9375032 or e mail

Talk to someone – a problem shared is a problem halved!!!!!


1. Childline – 24 hour service for people up to 18 years – online chat from 10am to 4am or freephone 1800666666 or text “talk” to 50101

2. Jigsaw – mental health issues from 12 to 25 years of age. Visit Roscommon office phone number – 0906665087

3. The Samaritans – feeling distressed or in despair, including those that could lead to suicide – – call 116 123

4. Pieta House – free specialised treatment for those that self harm, suffer from suicidal ideation or who have made multiple suicide attempts – – call 1800 247 247

5. Gay Switchboard Ireland – confidential telephone support service. Available to LGBT community, their parents, families and friends – – call 01 8721055