Divine Mercy Sunday


Today on Divine Mercy Sunday, look at the image of our Lord Jesus; speak to him about your worries and strains. Ask for his intercession and help and to give you strength. Ask intercession for your family, those that are sick and dying and especially those that we know. Ask for peace in our homes, parishes and in particular in Ukraine and Russia. Pray for our Priests and teachers. We pray for our Pope and Pope Emeritas. We pray for our Bishops and in particular within our own diocese. We pray for new Priests and Religious. We pray for our pets and animals. We pray for the deceased within our own families and from our Parish and in particular those in need of prayer who have no one to pray for them. We pray for our Friends. We ask to be kept safe from the Coronavirus and all illness. If we are dealing with illness we pray for ourselves and those loved ones around use who are attempting to carry our cross with us. We pray for our health care workers, our Gardai and emergency services of all types. We pray for those grieving a loved one at this time. We pray for all our needs and whatever lies ahead of us. Finally, we thank the Lord for everything his does for us. We are probably aware of a tiny percentage of what he does for us. Who knows what was around a corner, where we went in the opposite direction, through the guidance and love of the Lord for us. Many things happen in this world that we are not built to understand and we place our trust in the Lord that he he knows best. Merciful Jesus, we love you.