First Holy Communion – Keash

First Holy Communion – Congratulations.

Congratulations to the 9 children of Keash National School who received their First Holy Communion in Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church Culfadda on Saturday May 7th.

We thank Fr. Murphy, the school principal Miss O’ Dowd and the childrens teacher Miss Carbery for preparing the children for this wonderful day.  We thank Maureen O’ Dowd and the Parish Choir, the sacristans Marian Kielty and Linda Donaghy for preparing the Church.

We deeply appreciate all who contribute to this celebration in the lives of the children.

We pray that we can continue to nurture these wonderful children’s faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. In years to come, when outside influences attempt to say to these children; that there is no God and that he does not exist, we pray that these children will have the strength to look within their own hearts and lives and see the Lord at work. Although we know there is wind, we can never see it. We can see it at play but we still cannot see the wind itself. We know the Lord is at work in our lives but we too cannot see him in a worldly sense.  Without Priests and religious, events such as this celebration of First Holy Communion cannot happen. We pray for the Holy Spirits calling for new priests, Nuns and other religious to be heard and answered. Each of us have a part to play in circulating this message