Statement from Association of Catholic Priests

‪BREAKING: A statement tonight from the Association of Catholic Priests on the Covid-19 pandemic.‬

Posted by Mid West Radio on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Mass times – webcam

During this time, Masses continue to be celebrated in all our parishes.  If it helps you to join in with the celebration there are webcams in the following Parishes

Keash Parish receives funding – Albert Gubay Foundation

Keash Parish Receives Funding for St Kevin’s Church Keash from The Albert Gubay Foundation.

Albert Gubay was born in Rhyl, north Wales in 1928, the son of an Iraqi Jewish father and an Irish Roman Catholic mother. Brought up in a caravan for the early part of his life, Gubay recalled, “I had a very hard father. I had two sisters. He was soft on them and hard on me.” For Gubay junior, this meant having to help with his father’s market stall. “I was always made to work at a very early age,” he recalled. “I finished school at 4pm and by 5pm I was working. It was seven days a week.” As a young man struggling to support himself and his family by selling non-sugar sweets during rationing after the war, he recalled that he made a pact with God, saying in a prayer: “Make me a millionaire and I’ll give you half of my money”. Albert Gubay became a multimillionaire who later became a leading philanthropist, through his Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation, from the early days Gubay was already redistributing his wealth, having paid for the building of a church on the Isle of Man and for an extension to a church in Leixlip, County Kildare, in memory of his mother. In 2010 he created the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation, based on the Isle of Man, by donating £470m of his personal fortune. The foundation, which receives around £20m annually from Gubay’s businesses, reinvests half that income into the Roman Catholic Church to fulfil Gubay’s pact with God. In February 2011, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI bestowed upon Mr Gubay the Knight Commander with Star of the Order of St Gregory the Great. This is an order which is given for conspicuous service to the Church and society. The award was bestowed on Mr Gubay for the philanthropic work he carried out over many years and in recognition of the establishment of The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation. The Archbishop told Gubay and the gathered congregation during the bestowal ceremony, “Albert, your generosity – thoughtful, intelligent, measured yet seemingly boundless – is a great sign of the generosity of God. This is so because you make it clear that you expect no public acclaim, no list of honours, no fanfare of trumpets. You are generous because God is first generous to you. And that is your great lesson to us all today.” He spent the last years of his life organising his affairs so that on his death The Derwent Group could be left to the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation. That charity will now fulfil his commitment to the Church and will use its substantial resources to benefit a wide range of other charities. Whilst this impressive bequest will encompass his lifelong vow to use half of his wealth to benefit the Church, it now goes well beyond this. Many other charities will be able to benefit from the annual income generated by the property companies that will be owned by the charity. His implementation of this simple but impressive idea also means that the overall funds available for charitable causes will carry on growing in perpetuity.
Albert Gubay’s ambitions for the charity also drove his whole approach to money. Always a frugal man, his care with money had a purpose. His philosophy is summed up by his comment that: “Every penny wasted or lost reduces the pot available to the charity.” Keash Parish applied for funding for St Kevin’s Church Keash and were awarded £17,500 which came to €19,800 when lodged to our parish account last Friday. We express our deep gratitude to the Gubay Foundation, also I would like to thank all those who helped with the various stages of the application, namely the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Council, Keash Church Fundraising Committee and the people of the parish, since the application was lodged the foundation were updated in the final proposal of the donations made by parishioners and your generosity and commitment to raising funds is of huge benefit when seeking funds. Also I would like to pay particular thanks to our Engineer James O’ Hara who gave of his time generously to sending on the foundation all the necessary documents that accompanied the application. We will now be able to add €19,800 to Keash Church Roof Donation fund. The total Expenditure on the Church Roof was €97,356 which thankfully came in under budget, this means when we add €19,800 we will have €61,871 leaving us with still having to raise €35,485. So every donation small or great is appreciated. May God grant Ablert Gubay the light and glory of heaven for his generosity to our Parish and the Roman Catholic Church.

Culfadda Community Hall

Culfadda Community Hall Committee apply for Planning Permission Notice.


We the committee of Culfadda Community Hall intend to apply for planning permission for (1) demolition of the existing extensions to front and rear of existing hall (2) construction of new extensions to the front, side and rear of the existing hall (3) alteration and refurbishment of the existing hall (4) and all ancillary site works including connections to existing public sewer all at Culfadda Community Hall, Culfadda, County Sligo. The Planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the Reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application, and such submission or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant the application.

Margaret Niland, Deceased

Recent Death.

We offer our sincere condolences to Marian Kielty, Culfadda on the resent death of her mother Margaret Niland, Doocastle.  We will remember Marian, Margaret and all their family in our prayers.

Some lovely images to reflect on for Easter Sunday

Easter. Resurrection. Stone wall with Jesus Tomb


Maybe spend a few minutes, having picked your favourite image above and then in a quiet and calm environment, see where your thoughts take you…..



Please click on link below, for a beautiful rendition of “Our Lady of Knock” from our very own Patrick Feeney

A thought for the beginning of Holy Week

Sin starts with giving in to small temptations, Pope Francis warns…

.- Before we commit a sin, there were usually small temptations which we let grow in our soul, eventually making excuses for ourselves and our fall, Pope Francis said during Mass Saturday.

“That process which makes us change our hearts from good to bad, which takes us downhill,” he said April 4, is “something which grows, slowly grows, then infects others and ultimately excuses itself.”

Speaking from the chapel of his Vatican residence, the Casa Santa Marta, the pope advised first seeking forgiveness, and then reflecting on the temptations which preceded your fall into sin, considering also whether you have led others to sin.

“When we find ourselves in a sin, in a fall, yes, we must go to ask the Lord for forgiveness, it is the first [step] that we must take,” he urged.

But then ask yourselves, he said: “How did I come to fall there? How did this process start in my soul? How did it grow? Who have I infected? And how in the end did I justify myself for falling?”

Francis argued that “the devil is cunning” and usually tempts people to sin gradually: “it starts with a little thing, with a desire, an idea grows, infects others and ultimately, justifies itself.”

This process of temptation is illustrated in the day’s Gospel from St. John, he said.

In the Gospel, the chief priests and the Pharisees have met to discuss Jesus, who is causing them anxiety because through his signs, many Jews have begun to believe in him, and they feel they must do something.

The high priest Caiphas said Jesus should be killed, defending the decision with his prophecy, saying “it is better for you that one man should die instead of the people.”

Quoting the Gospel, Francis said “from that day therefore they decided to kill him.”

He explained that the Pharisees and chief priests justified killing Jesus to themselves, because if they did not, the occupying Romans “will destroy our temple and our nation,” but what brought them to this decision was a gradual process that “began with small concerns in the time of John the Baptist and then ended in this assembly.”

After this meeting, “everyone went home quietly,” the pope noted. They felt this was the decision they had to make.

This, the pope said, is “a figure of how temptation operates in us.”

Before Mass, Francis had noted that in difficult times, such as the present coronavirus pandemic, people are given the opportunity to do good.

But there are also plenty of people, he said, who take advantage of the moment for their own profit.

“Let us pray today that the Lord give us all a righteous conscience, a transparent conscience, which can be seen by God without being ashamed,” he urged.

In his homily, the pope recalled once again that behind every sin there is temptation, “which started small, which has grown.”

“All of us, when we are overcome by temptation, end up calm, because we have found a justification for this sin, for this sinful attitude, for this life not according to the law of God. We should have the habit of seeing this process of temptation in us,” he advised, adding that “the Holy Spirit enlightens us in this inner knowledge.”

Prayers and Reflections for Holy Week

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Suspension of all public masses

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Priests in Achonry

From Achonry Diocese page….

Priests in Achonry

Our Bishop-Elect, Paul Dempsey, comes to us as one of the youngest priests in our diocese.

Looking at our situation, as it stands today, including retired priests, the age-profile of our priests is:

  • six over the age of 80
  • seven aged between 70-80
  • ten aged between 60-70,
  • ten aged between 50-60,
  • three aged between 40-50 (four when Bishop-Elect Dempsey joins us)
  • and nobody under 40.

There are twenty-three parishes in the diocese and fifty churches.  At present there are 25 priests in Parish Ministry.

There is no doubt but that we are heading to a point where changes will have to be addressed – indeed, we have most likely passed that point.

There must however, remain hope!

As we welcome a new bishop, might it be a time to encourage a-fresh and pray renewed, that some might hear God’s call to serve the church of Achonry as a Diocesan Priest?

Fr Paul Kivlehan is our Vocations Director.  He may be contacted at the Presbytery, Ballaghaderreen or on

We the people of Keash and Culfadda, in our prayers each day, must ask the Almighty to honour our diocese with the blessing of new Religious. We pray that some young men or maybe older men will hear and answer God’s invitation to the Priesthood. We prayer for our present religious. We understand that they are men and women susceptible to sin like anyone else, needing our regular prayers. Are there ways that we can in some small way support our religious to make their roles easier……

By our faith and leading by example; we could possibly be God’s shining light, directing someone towards a religious life. We all have a role to play in encouraging others to at least consider a religious life.