Keash Church Roof Restoration Fund

Meeting, White Hall Keash next Tuesday at 8pm. All welcome.

Support following a death

Bereavement Support Group – Life after a family bereavement can feel empty and lonely. Sometimes spending time, talking
praying and sharing with others who know the experience can be helpful. A Bereavement Support Group meets at the Family
Centre, Knock each Wednesday at 11am. Anyone is welcome to drop in any week. Further information is available from Monica
Morley at the Centre on 094-9375320.

Papal Mass 26th of January 2020

Papal Mass, Rome 26th January 2020

The new Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Knock which was commissioned for the 140th Anniversary of the
Apparition in 2019 and which was blessed by Pope Francis has been requested for a special Mass in St Peter’s
Basilica, Rome, on Sunday 26th January next to mark the day honouring the Word of God. The Shrine has also
been asked to take part in other ways in the Mass, which will be celebrated by Pope Francis, including the singing
of Our Lady of Knock at the conclusion of the Mass.
This is a unique honour and privilege for the Shrine at Knock.

Lough Derg news….

Lough Derg Prior Father La Flynn named Monsignor by Pope Francis

Pope Francis has conferred the honour of Chaplain to His Holiness on Reverend Laurence (La) Flynn, a priest of the Diocese of Clogher and Prior of Lough Derg, an honour which carries with it the title of Monsignor. The title Monsignor means that the priest has been made an honorary member of the Pope’s own ‘household’.

Announcing the appointment, Bishop Larry Duffy, Bishop Bishop of Clogher, said he was very pleased to receive notification from the Holy See before Christmas. He said “It is a well-merited honour for Father Flynn and recognises his own significant contribution to the life and ministry of our diocese, of which Lough Derg is an important part. This appointment also signifies a close connection between the Holy Father and the mission of Lough Derg in today’s world. That mission, continuing in the tradition that goes back to St Patrick, is to be a sacred space and a place on the margins where people can find the God of love and compassion.”

Commenting on the news, Father Flynn said, “For me, this gesture on the part of the Holy Father is an unexpected one and a humbling one. I take it as a sign of the esteem in which Lough Derg is held by the Holy See.  Pope Francis has spoken repeatedly of the significance that pilgrimages continue to hold for Christian people in our times, as well as for other religious traditions and for so many of our contemporaries who do not identify themselves as ‘religious’. At Lough Derg we hold dear the memory of St Patrick who, in out-of-the-way places, found his God again when he seemed to have lost everything. I hope that all whom we welcome here will find what they seek along their pilgrimage of life.”

The island Sanctuary of Lough Derg lies about four miles north of the village of Pettigo in County Donegal. Station Island, the location of the Pilgrimage, is often referred to as Saint Patrick’s Purgatory or simply Lough Derg. In 1780 Lough Derg came under the custodianship of the Diocese of Clogher.

The Lough Derg Pilgrimage Season occurs annually from May through until October and the traditional Three Day Pilgrimage season happens between 1 June and 15 August. One-Day Retreats and Special Retreat Days run in the months of May, late August and September following by Youth Retreats in September and October.

For more on Lough Derg see


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Keash Church roof – fundraising

Money collected to date (Keash Church Roof)

1st December 2019 – €12,800

8th December 2019 – €18,770

15th December 2019 – €22,400

22nd December 2019 – €26,500

29th December 2019 – €28,600

5th January 2020 – €29,200

Eastern Harps – Fitness registration

Eastern Harps – Registration for classes in Zumba for women and Rowing for men.
Due to increased demand Eastern Harps will run extra fitness classes in Zumba for women and Rowing for men. Registration is in the Club house this Sunday evening at 6 pm.

Happy New Year!!!!!

We pray God’s blessing upon our Parish and the people within it, for the new year ahead.

Thank you Lord for those that look after our children and educate them.

Thank you Lord for those that make life a better place for the elderly of our community.

Thank you Lord for our new roof on Keash church.

Thank you Lord for our new clubhouse and the continued presence of our community playground.

Thank you Lord for the grant facilities provides for our community hall in Culfadda.

Thank you Lord for the good weather allowing Garland Sunday to have been a success and the many other prayers you answered for our people over the past 12 months.

We do not know what lies ahead for any of us over the next 12 months but we pray that the Lord continues to guide us in making our community and parish a better place.

Thank you to everyone that gave their time and effort free of charge over the past 12 months for the betterment of our parish.

For the new year, is there anyone close to you that you could guide in our direction to assist with the running of our parish? We really need to find a way to reach out to our youth, getting their opinions about what works for them and what does not. We need to understand their views and see is there common ground that can be built upon. Our Parish has no future without the involvement of our youth. You can play a part in building this bridge. Please look around you and in honouring the Lord, try and build that bridge in inviting our youth back to our Church or where they already attend to ask them to be a bigger part.

Happy Christmas



Priest’s collection for Christmas

The Christmas collection for the support of our priest will be taken up over the Christmas period. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated.

The priest is paid his salary from four collections (purple envelope) that take place during the year; Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Harvest.

In order for a Parish to maintain a full time Parish Priest, the diocese expects the Parish to meet certain expectations. One of these is that the Parish is able to meet a certain basic level of salary for its priest.

There are good people in our Parish that leave alot of value in retaining a Parish Priest and contribute regularly. However, the priest’s salary needs to improve. It has fallen significantly over the last number of years.

A special envelope is available in the offertory box for this purpose. Alternatively, an envelope for this purpose is available in the porch or indeed use your own envelope and mark “priest’s salary”.

In order to maintain an identity, it is important that our Parish in a time of “rural decline” see’s  these issues for what they are and talk as a community as to how best to address. When we look  around ourselves, we are very fortunate to have a full time, resident priest within our parish and we pray that this will continue for as long as possible….



Mass times for Christmas

Christmas Eve – 7pm Culfadda Church

– 9pm Keash Church

Christmas Day – 10am Culfadda Church

– 11.30am Keash Church