Thank you – from the Pastoral Committee

On behalf of the Parish pastoral committee, thank you to everyone that attended St. Kevin’s Church, Keash this evening to celebrate the reopening of the Church. Wonderful to see such a big (and happy) crowd and all the young people there to welcome this event. Thank you to all the worksmen and women and indeed professionals of many different descriptions who contributed to having the Church look as well as it does tonight. Thank you to everyone who contributed financially and in prayer to have this come to such a successful conclusion. Most importantly, thank you to Fr. Gabriel for the many many hours that he devoted to this project. Finally, we especially remember (during the month of November), our deceased Mother’s, Father’s, Grandparents and other family, neighbours and friends whom tonight would have been a very happy occasion for; those who played an integral part in handing down this Church to us – our thoughts and prayers are with them tonight; hoping these events honour their memories.