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Gospel, Readings and Reflection 27.12.2020

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph Lectionary: 17 Reading 1 SIR 3:2-6, 12-14 God sets a father in honor over his children; a mother’s authority he confirms over her sons. Whoever honors his father atones for sins, and preserves himself from them. When he prays, he is heard; he stores up riches who […]

Bishop Paul’s first Christmas message as bishop of Achonry

Christmas is about our unconditionally loving God. – Bishop Paul Dempsey In his first Christmas message as Bishop of Achonry, Bishop Paul Dempsey has reflected on the real meaning of Christmas. He said, “I heard an eminent medical person on the radio last week raising concerns about the rising number of Covid cases.  He suggested […]

The important part of “the donkey” in Jesus’s life

Ponder for a moment on all the times the donkey is referred to in the Gospel. Can you think of them all? The Donkey plays an Important part in events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Why did Jesus not pick a big strong handsome horse? Why choose a humble donkey. Alot to ponder on. What […]

Some Jokes for Christmas….

Father George was opening his Christmas cards one December morning. Out of one of the cards came a single sheet of paper and on it was written only one word: ‘Fool’. The following Sunday, in church, Father George announced to the assembled congregation, ‘I have known many people who have written notes to me and […]

Gospel and readings 20.12.2020

Fourth Sunday of Advent Lectionary: 11 Reading 1 2 SM 7:1-5, 8B-12, 14A, 16 When King David was settled in his palace, and the LORD had given him rest from his enemies on every side, he said to Nathan the prophet, “Here I am living in a house of cedar, while the ark of God […]