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Keash N.S, Musical

Well done to all the children involved from Keash N.S this evening in the musical, held in Keash Church. They were wonderful. Credit goes to all the Teachers for having them so well prepared. We are very fortunate in Keash to have such wonderful teachers and a school to be very proud of. Sincere thank […]

Roof joke…….

The roof was caving in by the minute. I spent my few seconds deciding what to do… And then it hit me.

Reopening of Keash Church

Keash Church was reopened this morning 15/12/2019, following the placing of a new roof on it. Thank God for the blessing of our Churches in Keash and Culfadda and the fact that we have a resident Parish Priest for our parish. None of this is taken for granted by the people of Keash and Culfadda […]

Keash Annual Bazaar

Keash Annual Bazaar has been cancelled tonight, the 8th of December due to forcasted bad weather conditions. Please advise anyone intending to come tonight. The Bazaar is rescheduled for next Sunday night, the 15th of December at 7pm in Keash Hall.

Money collected to date (Church Roof)

1st December 2019 – €12,800 8th December 2019 – €18,770 15th December 2019 – €22,400 22nd December 2019 – €26,500 29th December 2019 – €28,600